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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Are You Riding Your Bike Right?

Whether you're a die-hard athlete or weekend cruiser, being fitted properly for your bike makes a world of difference.

When fitted properly for your bike, you will be able to utilize full range and use of your bike maximizing your position, comfort, efficiency and ride. Bikers at times tend to feel some discomfort from their ride in their shoulders, legs and groin areas. Muscles may fall asleep or lose circulation. This can be from poor positioning or misuse of your bike.

At Andante Bikes, we set you up to analyze and measure your "body to bike" ratio, your positioning on the bike, gear efficiency and much more.

Want to maximize your riding? Come visit us!

Bike Transport in South Florida

Andante Bikes supports all races in South Florida.  
Have your bike shipped to us and we'll have it race ready for you before you get here.

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Andante Bikes 
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 for your bikes. 

We service all triathlon, time trial, road bikes, cruisers, recumbent bikes, tandems and even hand-crank bikes!